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Rick & Sharon ( - September 10, 2002
My husband & I inherited our 87 cabby. It was our daughters car. We are both in our 50's & have should I say my husband has spent many hours fixing this sweetie to perfection. We have spent a lot of time trying to get this car running to his liking. We have finally gotten there !!! yeah !!!! I am writing this because he has not read this site yet. I know he will be very familiar with all the woes each person has has to contend with with this car. We love this car & our pug loves it too. It's part her car too!!!! I am driving it to & from work each day & really love the way it runs. Good luck to you & your 87 cabby. Hang in there- the wait is worth it. sharon

Doug Harper ( - September 4, 2002
I own a 85 Cabriolet and I love the thing!!! drive it everyday!! just too hot in Louisiana to let the top down right now!!

Lisa ( - August 30, 2002
I got my first Cabriolet in Hawaii, a 1985 for $1200.00. It was an awesome little island hopper. I did have the major problem of the fuel pump going out. It started stalling and then finally just wouldn't crank. My husband got another fuel pump and put it on, but still no luck at getting it to crank. He (not a mechanic) and my neighbor (Supposedly a mechanic) worked on this VW for over a month, finally to put a new engine in it....and guess what, it still didn't run. Just to shut up my moaning and groaning, my husband FINALLY got a REAL mechanic to come and look at it. Guess what it was....the fuel pump. These little babies have to have the Bosch fuel pump. They are almost 300.00. They will not run with a cheapy (one that cost about a 100.00). So if you do have problems with it stalling and you decide that it is the fuel pump do your self a favor and just go and get the Bosch. They pump about 75psi where as the other ones only pump 40 psi. I learned this the hard and expensive way...
Other than the parts being expensive for these little cars, they are great. I loved my and we are in the hot pursuit of another. I am looking for a 1993 Carbriolet as this is the last year that they were made. They are great on gas mileage, something my Suburban is not.
Take care and happy driving, Vrum-Vrum.

Petris ( - August 28, 2002
I just got a VERY functional 1987 Cab for free, from a friend:he thought he blew the tranny and gave it to me , ha , it was a broken axle. His loss my gain I guess. Anyway , love your little site!! I was woundering is it easy to change the top?? I was going to order one also for my car. I saw you got one and was very interested!!!Let me know please , thanks . I can send you pics of my project car if you do that sort of thing! The VW Cab club LOL.

Angie ( - August 28, 2002
I have a 89 VW Cabriolet.. I have always LOVED IT until recently.
The cruise DOES NOT work
The odometer stopped working some time ago and NOW....
I have been filling the (whatever you call it-reservoir) up with water that goes to the radiator/engine...
EVERY DAY......I could not find a leak until today...
The large hose located at the bottom base of the reservoir that runs directly to the engine (at the head) is leaking, actually pouring water out. I am hoping and praying that it is not the head head/gasket....however, it is leaking around the bolts. Its not the hose but I don't know if a regular auto parts sells the parts.
Its Wed. evening and I have to go to work tomorrow...LOOKS LIKE I WILL BE CATCHING A RIDE, HUH?

Vicki ( - August 28, 2002
Hi there. Love your site! I just purchased a 1886 cabrio the other day. So far I am really pleased with it. I bought it for 4000.00 canadaian. It is in great shape inside and out. I have a question though. I have problems shifting into first. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem.

Neal Watts ( - August 26, 2002
Hello fellow Cabrio lovers. I own an 89 Cabriolet. I bought it three years ago and have loved it ever since. However, as you all know, I have seen it though good times and bad (usually expensive). Every quirk, every problem ever imagined (sometimes it seems my car makes ones up) seems to have happened over time, and, luckily for me I have always found the time and $$ to fix it. I love vw's. My cabrio has had a great three years, and if its not raining the top is down! If any of you are experiencing some of the cabrios quirks/probs, please feel free to email me at I'll do my best to help you out as I feel like I have seen/heard it all. My cabrio is worth every penny especially after our roadtrip together last summer. I travelled from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (home) to Lajitas, Texas (where I worked for summer) with a few visits into Mexico, before taking the longway home through to Austin, Texas, back west to New Mexico through to Arizona to Reno, Nevada where I stayed for a few days. Then west to the coast in N. California, through Oregon, a short stay in Washington State, continuing onto Vancouver, BC, and all through the rockies to Alberta and east all the way back to Ottawa, Ontario. Oh and the only things I did all summer was fill with gas,change the oil 3x, and rotated the tires once! No problems! The best roadtrip ever!

Sabrina & Marissa ( - August 25, 2002
Your website is very informational and funny, and we greatly appreciate it. We just had to get a new top for ours and are having a difficult time getting the original window out. Did you have to remove yours and cut a new hole in the new top? If so, HOW did you do this? We are having a very difficult time...any info. would be great.

Nigel Mitchell ( - August 18, 2002
My wife and I are the proud owners of a 1987 Cabriolet, her summer fun car and a hobby for me. I am searching for parts, in particular a driver's seat cushion/backrest covers and/or passenger seat (white)and/or whole car for parts. Ours is red with a white top and white carpet. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. FYI we live in Ontario, Canada.

Lenny & Sarah ( - August 8, 2002
We just bought our first VW Cabriolet ('89) July 26, 2002. Its funny how everyone simply falls in love with these cars. Looks like everyone has had their fair share of problems, but it doesn't affect their passion. Within 100 miles the cradle in the front, left brake assembly broke...freak occurence, but wow was that heart attack fodder. Luckily, we bought the car from a family friend/mechanic so he replaced the entire brake assembly. Interestingly, after we go the car back it seemed not to idle as hard, but now it tends to stall sometimes when we start it.
We also have the odometer problem...sometimes. No worries though my buddy has an '87 Jetta that does the same thing and it has >300K recorded miles.
If anyone has any experience with messing with the stereo/speakers please e-mail us at the addy above or at I think its actually a sin in the bible to have a red convertibl;e with a crappy stereo....I think someone got turned into salt for that, maybe a toad....anyways i love the site and will be afrequent visitor.... Fahrfenugen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe ( - August 1, 2002
Cool site
I'm looking to purchase an older cabbie that needs an engine. My 92 jetta turbo diesel (365,000 flawless kms) got rear-ended, so I'm gonna put the engine and whatever else into a cabriolet (hopefully)!
Volkswagen forever!

Demetrios ( - July 21, 2002
I am looking at buying a '91 Cabriolet w/ 130K. I currently own a B5 Passat and a 911--I am buying this car for my wife, as a fun secondary car. Nevertheless, is this a good car to buy or is it problematic? Are there certain things I should look at besides the normal used car inspection. I am aware that every car model has its own quirks. Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks!

Barry ( - July 21, 2002
Your gonna love this. I bought my Cabbie here local and drove it home for a grand. However it wouldn't start very well or run very well. It had been sitting and the fuel injection was junked up. My solution (and your gonna love this) was to go to the local junkyard lift the hood on a 1979 Plymouth Horizon and yank the intake and carb. You see the early horizons had vw engines in them. So I got my parts for $40.00. After a little grinding on the intake it was bolted to the block. Then I replaced the fuel regulator with a manual fuel pump. I turned it over and it started right up. I tweaked the air screw a little and drove it about 20,000 miles. The only thing I had to do was change the oil. The junk yard carb died and I went to advanced and bought a rebuilt one for a couple of hundred. It took about 30 min. to change out and I was off again. My car might die tomorrow, but I gotta tell ya it's been a great setup. If it dies I'll just put a new engine in and go again! . I get about 32mi/gal. Good luck with yours. If you do try to convert be sure that you don't get a lean burn carb. These have sensors and wires comming out of the top of the carb. I don't think they will work.

Jose ( - July 20, 2002
Hola. Ocupo q me indiquen un lugar en internet donde pueda comprar el Convertible Top de mi Cabriolet 87. Ocupo un buen precio y buena calidad, Gracias y sigan con los caabrios!!

Shayna ( - July 15, 2002
I was talking to my mother while on the computer and she mentioned the triple white 87 Cabriolet that we have so I looked it up and got your web page. I was so excited to see that someone else has the same problems I have with the car. I got my car for $1,500. It ran quite well when we bought it but found out later there were many problems. Being 19 and having a car that didn't run wasn't a good thing. How can you have the patience to work on this car!? I also now have another convertable but nothing is like my little VW. I am now a VW lover! Now if only I could get rid of my Mustang!
Great site and I hope to see more!
Columbia, SC

Lindsay ( - June 24, 2002
I just bought a 1989 cabriolet. i absolutely love it. its been having a strange idle problem. right after a drive it can stay idle smoothly. like if i'm at a stoplight or something but if i'm sitting in traffic for a while it starts to idle rougher and rougher and runs a little hot. then the oil light flashes on and off. it stops again after i drive for a while. its just been tuned up and we've tried to adjust it a few times and it keeps happening. has this happened to anyone? HELP

Steve May ( - June 11, 2002
The stalling thing.... Everyone know what I am talking about. Check the adjustment screw on the back side of the intake for a good seal. Better idea, just replace the adjustment screw and o-ring at the same time. Save time, money and make your cabriolet happy.

Steve May ( - June 11, 2002
To tell you the truth, I am tired of my car every day of the year that I don't get to drive it. If you weren't spending your money on a car you would be spending it on another car that isn't that much fun. When I bought my Cabriolet, I thought I was crazy along with my entire family. I didn't care for it was second car. It could have been a Geo Metro, Yugo or even a Ford Pinto I didn't really care but when I came across the Cabriolet I fell in love. It has everything I would wanted in a woman but I found in a car, willing to go anywhere I wanted and always Topless. I couldn't have picked a better car for the the time and or money invested. I have invested a crazy amount in my car: Stayfast top, timing belt, water pump, radiator, springs, struts, rims, all new seats, headliner, rear window frame, new bushings all under the car, clutch, I would have a shorter list of things if I was to list the things that I hadn't done to this point. But I wouldn't trade it........

Al ( - June 4, 2002
If I told you how I got my Cabriolet you'd think I was nuts. However, I've already taken it to Canada (1100 miles) and use it to commute to work 100 miles. I have fixed all the annoying little dash and console lights (you can get the small bulbs that fit at VW) and changed the big single exhaust flange gasket. I'm planning to install a 4 into 2 later style exhaust manifold for more power and am ordering a new top soon.Just to let you know I bought it from a junkyard and could sell it for 3-4 times what I paid. Happy Motoring.

Todd ( - May 15, 2002
I know car repair can be a real headache but if you want a fun car you can learn alot about a cabriolet is one of them. If you have mechanical apptitude, a bently manual and a vw mechanic that is not afraid to give a few tips and tricks then you are set. I did my own water pump and timing belt in 2 days after work and it wasn't that bad just have a little patience. the a/c compressor is a bear to get out but once you figure it out you will be baffled w easy you did it, and think of all the money you have saved. my repair cost me about 60.00 for both parts. The cabriolet is a fun car to drive, I put on a larger audi throttle body and it whip on some hondas now. I hope this helps and remember always follow your manual's reccomended safety procedures i cannot stress this enuogh!!!! Have fun I do with the top down................todd

Linda ( - May 14, 2002
HI! I have owned my cabbie fo 2 yrs and am still in love with it. I have replaced the top which i got from local parts yard for 200 dollars it took my boyfriend about 7 hrs. The oringinal top was white but i replaced it with a dark blue one. I have had some problems with it but like rebuilding the clutch and putting new top on, oh and just a couple of months ago i was on the road and the hood flew up on me because the latch completly rusted off but i got that fixed too. And i still love that darn car. I am thinking about getting a new. Ive been checking out ebay alot lately. I think the cabriolet will be the only car for me for quite some time.........see you later.

R.D. Bradford ( - May 7, 2002
Great web site for the cabrio. I also have a air cool vw super. Good to read all the feed back about watercooled my is a 86 being restored back to orginal condition car was in the movies film,here in e here in portland Or. Good luck to all you vw peopleE mail is

Shonda ( - April 28, 2002
I have an 87 cabriolet. It is in excellent condition both interior and exterior. The problem is the noise of the convertible top. when I travel on the interstate, the noise of the air rushing over the top is VERY loud. You have to shout to be heard over it. Is this normal?? is there anyway to fix this without getting a new top? Other than the noise, the top looks great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Amy ( - April 28, 2002
I have a 1988 VW Cabriolet that I LOVE!! I only drive it in the summer here in Michigan and it is stored winters. It is black with a white top and white interior that is still white. It has 104000 summer miles on it and it is a 5 speed. I had to have the motor mount bolts replaced but that is the only major thing that has gone wrong. It still has the origianal clutch and the brakes have only been replaced once. This has been a great summer car for me. My kids call it my chick car. Even the carpeting is in tip top condition. I will probably replace the top either this year or next becuase it has a small tear on the side from putting it up and down for years. VW's have always been great cars for me.

Steve ( - April 26, 2002
i have 2 cabriolets,one 1988,the other is 1992 for looking to get rid of some parts if somebody needs something,email me,and ill let you know what i have,also ill be selling the 1988 in about 2 to 3 months,it has 122,000 miles ,runs has the 92 rims on it ,white with white leather(no rips),5 speed,with a very nice paint job. somebody let me know what it will be worth?i have the 88 white rims for sale(over all good condition)

Janette ( - April 22, 2002
I just bought a 87 cabby last week. I feel like I got a steal at $2200. The car is in perfect shape cosmetically with only a window crank that needs to be replaced, I have a bid in an ebay for $3, and a 1/8" tear in the seam of the top. Does anyone have a suggestion on a cheap fix? I have enjoyed reading your ongoing fixup of your car, good luck on the rest. My first love was for the beetle, but I couldn't afford one in as good as shape as I wanted. So this car came along and I thought I would "settle" for it. But since driving it I am totally in love!!!Also does anyone know of any cabby car clubs, if not maybe we could start one, I live in IN. I would love to get together with other cabby owners!! Sorry for rambling on, but I just love my new car and all my friends and family are getting sick of hearing about it I think!
C-ya, Janette

Bekah ( - April 16, 2002
I have 97 VW Cabrio, and we just experienced a wind and rain storm, and when driving my car this morning I found that my windshield wipers would not shut off when in the off position. I am not really a car person and not sure where to start with this. If anyone can help me with any tips it would be appreciated.

kja66 ( - April 14, 2002
I bought an 1988 white cabriolet for $776.00 cash ttl total. that was dec-2001 now april 14 2002 I have put new brake rotors and pads, power steering rack. fuel injector and line, front strut and mount, pair of tires, distributor cap and rotor. both inner tie rod ends and a fan relay. car starts and runs like a champ now after driving it fro about 1000 miles it suddenly overheats but only when shut off does it boil over out the resivior cap. runs cool by the temp gauge right in the middle all day long in traffic fan kicks on everything but when you shut the key off its like mount saint helens boiling out the radiator cap resivior. so tell me which way does the fan go?? its supposed to pull air through not push air in tward the front of car. right??? anyway the car is a blast to drive just be carefull of speedshifting and yes its a dog and also note that I drive a 1998 chevy 1500 x-cab pickup truck and a 1996 nissan sentra both insured with the minimum insuran! ce for $478 a year. the VW cabriolet just to insure that doubled the insurance to $856 a year for just that one car and I NEVER had even one claim against my ins co who I have been with for 10 + years...

Bob ( - April 10, 2002

I bought a 1987 Cabriolet for my daughter about a year ago. I just recently had some hoses go. I could not believe the price for a hose $62.00. Anyway, I have to get it smogged tommorrow. I am worried that it won't pass and will be declared a "Gross Poluter". Did you have any problems with Smogging??? Also, do you know where I can get a new soft top cheap??

Gustavo Quiroz ( - April 9, 2002
hola.tengo un cabriolet 1988,el cual estoy restaurando, y quisiera saber de un lugar donde pueda encontrar la capota original. ya que vivo en PUERTO VALLARTA.jalisco MEXICO. Y aqui no hay nada de estos autos , me gustaria saber si tienen una direccion o un telefono de quien se dedique a este caso . gracias por su atencion.

Tracy ( - April 5, 2002
I have a 1987 White Cabriolet with approx. 149000 miles on it. Runs great but I have put about $ 700 Canadian on it a year for the past couple of years - maintenance replacements by choice not due to breakdowns. I love the car!!! Was going to sell it when my daughter was born 3 years ago but... never got around to it. Now we both cruise with the top down. I drive it in the winter as well (in Canadian winters!) Very reliable buggy.

Alberto Soto ( - April 5, 2002
Hello David and all you owners of Cabriolets. About 2 1/2 years ago I bought my dream car...a VW Cabriolet convertible. It's an 82...pretty old. The car was going to be for the owner's daughter. Since the daughter didn't want it because it was standard, the owner sold it to me for $300 dollars. I have to admit it, that car needed work! It had a major oil leak, needed a new interior and a new top. It also had minor electrical problems. Well, since being the son of a VW mechanic, my father and I fixed it. Now, the car runs like a dream! It's so quiet, I can actually compare it to a Caddy! (interior noise level) The car has been repainted and the top fixed (all white, of course). I still need to fix the interior but with a tight budget, things will be done a little slowly but surely. I have pictures of it that way y'all could see it before and after. The only problem that I have with it is that someone at my girlfriend's house hit my car on it's passenger! side. Now, my beautiful car has a huge dent! Well, if anybody needs tips on fixing up their VW's, email me at and I'll be glad to give you some pointers. Bye!
P.S. nice website, David.

Kristina ( - April 1, 2002
I bought my first 90 VW Cabrio Today. It has a manual transmission and I have just learned how to drive it.I've nick named her ladybug and yes it's a girl. she's very sassy too!Red with a white top, but I have noticed shes has been giving me trouble shifting into 1st gear, anyone have any idea why?

Now I know why they are soo hard to find!

I intend to stay topless.

Christy ( - March 27, 2002
help! i have an 85 vw cabriolet, and i would like to change the rims and upgrade them. does anyone know the best website to get these, and what size i need? thanks! oh, and this page totally rocks!

Charlie ( - March 24, 2002
Nice to see any kind of community site for verts..

My story: A 1986 Cabrio with no wires, hoses.. the result of 2 years of parked near squirrels. Some $10 worth of wiring harness from the yard, more wires and hoses, and avoiding a $60 hose from the vw dealership with a new $7 aftermarket fuel line, it worked, and has since.. 330K or so, I use the OXY light as a odometer, dang gear still won't work.

My advice to others with woes of broken stuff; about every 15-20-30 thousand miles, something wears out. How many of those things actually got fixed before you got the car adds to the mystery..

The ideal, of course, is to replace everything you can get hold of and unbolt, at least once so you know the age of the parts. Reality, though.. most every one of us runs the things till they make enough noise to take notice of the problem at hand.. The non-mechanic, well, find a reasonable vw mechanic who respects that the car's a VW, not just a convertible and hopefully all will go well. cost wise..

Tops- well, its one of those things you either commit to it or get wet. Challenging, to go forth and spend nearly half the cost of a car just for the top replacement.. but necessary.


There's a support bar, about over the rear of the back windows, that has staples that will vibrate loose and stick up into the fabric... move the top back halfway down so you can get to that area.. hammer down the staples and/or apply duct tape over the offensive staples..

This is preventive of having to put duct tape over the holes they create in the top..

This will prevent the second largest cause of wear (or in this case, tear) on the top.. (Folding the top is #1, but whaddaya do about that)

Overall, I plan to keep the thing till the motor goes, then get another motor. Ditto for the other thousand-odd parts that make up the things, but I prefer these clusters to about anything else made in the 80's..

Sure, I look lustfully at New Beetles, but for all the keen new mechanical parts that probably would fit in this thing. :)

Claus Christoffersen ( - March 13, 2002
Hey David...
Itīs a good site you have. Itīs allways interesting reading about other "Cabīs". Iīm the owner of a 83' Cabrio GLI, a very fine car with no rust, but here in Denmark they are very expensive, they cost about 5000,- USD for a 83' model. This summer is the first i'm driving my Cab... I'm looking forward to it... Best regards from Denmark, Claus Christoffersen

Mirna ( - March 12, 2002
I'm finally an owner of an 87 Tornado red cabby. I too, will write along the way of the restoration process. I'm going to redo the interior, new top, paint job,stereo etc. i just had the strut and shocks changed and the mechanic was surprised to see the orignal oil-filled shocks!! I'm currently living in Germany so hopefully I can really fix up the ride before returning to the states. My top will be replaced by an auto upholsterer who recommends canvas because it doesn 't shrink. The old top is vinyl and I have to put plastic on the seats when it rains. Luckily I have a garage. Maybe one day you we all read bout my journey. This website is full of info and I enjoy reading your progress.

Mike ( - March 11, 2002
I have to admit I have a love hate relationship with my Cabrio (1987) came direct from Germany, and now resides in Victoria BC Canada. I have 215,000 km on it and it is a beautiful car. I love the damned thing :) I also own a 1987 Jetta Turbo Deisel, that I will never part with. 200,000 Km and not a hiccup :) and 58 miles to the gallon

Krys ( - March 5, 2002
Hi! I own a 1997 cabrio, which I love. However, I've been experiencing a problem with water collecting on the floor board of the back seat. A lot of water, sometimes an inch. This only happens when it rains. I've checked the air conditioning lines and also took the car to a shop. They've tld me I probably need to change out all of the seals around the doors and windows. However, I never see water coming in that way. It seems to be coming in from under the carpet. Has anyone experienced this problem? Can anyone give me advice? Thanks

Gregory Sanders ( - March 4, 2002
I've owned three Cabriolets a 85 and two 87's. These cars are cute and fun to drive. Over the years I've spent tons of money keeping these cars on the road and in excellent condition. Finding a good mechanic is the key to your Cabriolets ownership. I traded my last 87 Cabriolet in for a new 2000 Beetle and that car was nothing but trouble. I wish I still had my Cabriolet. Greg

Zora ( - February 27, 2002
I was looking to purchase a 1989 cabriolet conv. do they usually have this much trouble. Im sorry about your mechanic history. That sucks!Does it run like a champ now. Do you think it has a hard time running because you are in cold weather? Or it just came with problems. Well write back. I'm interested....

Naomi ( - February 16, 2002
My '91 VW Cab has been sick since 11/2001. The symtom occurs frequently and resembles bad gasoline. All fuel filters, pumps, etc. have been cleaned and examined. The mechanic (German auto specialist) cannot isolate the cause. The engine does not die, just falters and occasionally bucks as if one had let the clutch out too fast. Has anyone else had this problem and if you able to find a fix, what was it? My car runs perfectly except for this. Have had problems in the past with the radiator and the temp sensor. Could there be any connection?

Jess ( - February 6, 2002
I have a cabriolet 1986 and have had nothing but trouble with it.Now the clutch seems to have gone out of it.Does anyone have a diagram of the engine they could send me ,i seem to have lost the clutch resivoir.The clutch just dosnt go out and the pedal still has taughtness.

J.C. ( - February 5, 2002
Okay, Ive been thinking about getting my 1st VW, a cabriolet between 89/92. But the more i read up on them the more they seem to be very unstable cars... Can anybody let me know what im getting into! before i dish out 7Gz on something i'll get to hate!

Thanks for your help.

Luis Gustavo Solorzano ( - January 31, 2002
quiero entrar al circulo de los cabriolets...

Nikki Valley ( - January 29, 2002
Hey! I also own an '87 Cabriolet. It is kinda funny how I acquired the car. My boyfriend at the time, and I were driving in my old Plymouth Colt (ghetto), when some girl my age pulled right out in front of me. Due to the speed I was going, she totaled my car. No worries though... I was happy to get a new car. My boyfriend was working the drive up window at our local Taco Time in Gig Harbor, when an older lady pulled up in her cabriolet with a for sale sign on the back. He knew that I loved VW's, and got her number for me. My settlement was enough to buy a newer car, but I called her and asked about it anyway. I met her husband the following weekend, and bought the Cabriolet. I fell in love with it right then and there! Of course, there are many problems with it. If it's not one thing, it's another! That just comes with any VW (or so I've heard). Unfortunately, I live in WA state, and can only drive with the top down three months out of the year. I don't mind though. I enjoyed this website very much! It is nice to know that there are others that care so much about their Cabriolet's. Thanks

Sam ( - January 26, 2002
First thing i want to say is i love this page you created its been alot of help. I just purcheased a 1988 VW Cabby for $800.00 the car is mech. sound but does of course need a new top. one thing id like to ask is did you replace your top yourself or have it done and if you did it was it difficult, and does anyone else have problems with there headlights switch. Once Again awesome web page look forward to checking it out more often THANKS

Courtney ( - January 13, 2002
I've had a 1988 triple white Cabriolet for about 6 months now. I really like this car and it has not broken down on me yet. Bought in Savannah, Ga & drove it back to Charleston, Sc. Changed to 16" Ronal wheels, new tires and Techtonics exaust. Blaupunkt,Polk and Soundstream. More to come. Nice site to get ideas!

Robert Guirand ( - January 11, 2002
I have a 92 VW cabriolet. Two weeks ago I replaced the timing belt following instruction from a Chilton book. I aligned the camshaft mark with the engine as instructed and the distributor rotor with the mark on the body. Somehow, where they say to lign up the mark on the pulley with the dot on the sprocket it just does not jive. The car starts with no problem and flies on a flat road but when I am going uphill I floor the pedal and the car feels like it is not going anywhere. Any idea?

Tom Redding ( - January 10, 2002
Hey everybody, I own an 87 cabby, red w/white top. What an awesome car. 113000 miles and it runs like a charm. Guts, style and power. I live in colorado at about 7500 feet. our road is dirt and steep. in the winter this little car digs in and climbs the road through upto a foot of snow. I've just recently began to have some small electrical probs. Heater fan swithch, headlight switch, turn signal fuse. Just small stuff. I sure would like to find a mowners manuel for my sweet 87. Anybody got one layen around. Is there a cabby rally in AZ, NM, CO, or UT, that anyone knows about. Later, tom

Kevin Wilson ( - January 9, 2002
I've finally got some pictures scanned for my 1984 Cabriolet that is for sale. If you're interested, please e-mail me and I'll send them to you.


Vivi ( - January 7, 2002
I am currently trying to buy a new 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio, but as i was browsing throught the internet i found this site and it totaly freaked me out. Now I don't know what to do because I'm wondering if a new model will give me those horrific problems?

Chris ( - January 5, 2002
Sounds like you could help me with my problem. I have a 1987 Cabriolet that will not start after a long drive. I can drive short distances and it seems fine. If I drive to work about 45 miles I shut the car off and try to start it and nothing. After it sits awhile it starts with no problem. Any suggestions??

Great web site :)

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