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The Story: Part 2

I had won the auction for the Cabriolet, but I had never seen it nor did I know how to get a car 60 miles away that didn't start. My initial thought was to attempt to fix the car on the spot. This wasn't a very good option, because I can't really fix cars. A much better idea that was suggested to me was to rent a tow bar and tow the car back. Although my vehicle doesn't have a hitch, I quickly found a friend who was willing to tow the car. He also thought he could get a tow dolly.

One more suggestion that was given to me was that I should join AAA Plus. If your car breaks down, they'll tow it for up to 100 miles without charge. The cost of membership would be less than renting all the towing equipment I needed. However, this option seemed to have some ethical questions.

Since I go to school in Flint, I had planned on getting the car during the weekend. My friend and I planned on getting the car on Sunday, but due to a family emergency, he had to cancel on me. I found this out on Friday and tried frantically to get help from another source. Help wasn't easy to find on such quick notice, so on Saturday I e-mailed the seller telling him I would not be able to pick up the car.

I checked my e-mail on Sunday afternoon to discover this message:

Dave call me or email me with your Phone # asap
I need to move The car BOB
I called him, and he told me he needed to get rid of the car, and that he was willing to tow it to me!

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